The Concept

Today we are experiencing an increased interest in the quality and origins of the food we eat. After many years of trusting our industrialized food production, Americans are finding comfort in the rebirth of small farming and even urban food production. What better way to celebrate our local history, urban food production, urban renewal and the Love, Beauty and Food that we all share when we value these things together as a community than a restaurant that features it all! Now, find a historic house that was built by a local pioneer and homesteader, one that journaled about the food he was growing. Now, restore the house as close to Mr. Neely’s diaries and research dictates. Re-plant all of the lost gardens and orchard. Then find a great Chef. Refine the plan, refine a bit more and then refine again. Don’t forget music, suppliers, seating capacity vs. revenue, landscaping, uniforms, sprinkling systems, liquor licenses, and permits, permits and more permits.

The Creation >