The Completion

Words now fall short of describing where we see ourselves in this journey. We are quite satisfied and proud of our progress and yet humble and eager to provide the dining experience we have wanted to present when we dreamed of our restaurant. We are open now and the guests are returning again and again. Where we go from here will be determined by our dedication and hard work as we try to present the best restaurant we can. Watch this page!

The concept of the Neely house restaurant was born in the appreciation of history. The story of Thomas S Neely, his home, his family and his gardens are found in the archives at Ball State University. His own story by his hand, is told in a series of diaries written between 1860 and 1901. The concept is to bring back this story of homesteading and inner-city food production in the ultimate “farm to table” experience while celebrating a unique piece of Muncie architecture.

Although the diaries have been held safe in the BSU archives, what was left of the Thomas Neely Home was a collapsing hulk of a 6-unit apartment house, abandoned and in ruin. The passion for the Neely story drove this concept and the resulting mission: To create the finest restaurant in the area while presenting and preserving Muncie history, operating in a manner that highlights urban food production, better land use, sustainable operating practices in an atmosphere that is an ongoing celebration of love, beauty and food.

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