We Listen

We are very sincere when we tell our customers, “We value your suggestions.” We have a motto at our restaurant, “An ugly truth is always better than a pretty lie.” We cannot make our restaurant the best it can be without your input. That being stated, please realize we are trying to become a certain kind of restaurant. We cannot be everything to everybody.

To demonstrate that we are listening we will always strive to post here the changes and improvements that we are making, or have made, due to your input. And again, we are grateful for your participation because this restaurant is for you.

Current Improvements

  • After many requests for catering, we are now ready to proclaim “Yes we cater!” Simply contact Sally, our new event coordinator and director of catering.

    Children have always been welcomed at The Neely House. However, we have not presented a children’s menu that supported the development of their palate. Your server can provide you with the day’s children’s options…Neely Style!

  • We are adding window blinds under the sheers, on the west side, due to the setting sun making it difficult for those diners facing west.

  • We have changed the balsamic applicator bottle nozzle. We agree that a bit too much balsamic went on our flatbread during our soft open tastings.

  • Our main entrance (located on west side of The Neely House) is not as visible as we would like. The original front door to The Neely House is not our main entrance because it is not wheelchair accessible. We are currently working on making our main entrance more obvious while staying in the historically appropriate materials, etc. Until we accomplish this challenge, please be aware that our main entrance is in the rear outside dining area and can be accessed on the west side of our building. Thank you for your patience.

  • Unfortunately, this change or adjustment comes from an unfortunate situation where we let our customers down. We have decided that it is better to be transparent about our mis-steps and hope for the forgiveness of our valued customers. To pretend that we don’t make mistakes would surely make us look dishonest and we are all human. But to provide the product and service we would like to become known for we are no longer seating parties over 18 persons with the expectation of simultaneous service. Our meals are cooked to order and our kitchen cannot prepare more than 18 meals at one time. We will be rolling out a catering program in the near future but it too will involve a certain made-to-order element with an on-location chef.

    We listened to your requests and we now have a limited selection of children’s menu items!

    Due to your suggestions and requests we are now on open table.

    We have heard your requests and annoyances and we will now post it as policy that children eating at the Neely must remain in their seats as not to disturb other’s dining experiences.

    We are now offering monthly accounts to those qualifying businesses.


For reservations please contact us by phone at 765-216-1647. Please note that we are filling up fast for holiday party reservations. If you are interested in having your holiday party at The Neely House, please call us as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact us anytime.