Each day we inch closer to our opening

As some folks may have noticed the blog/diary entries have stopped for a while. This is due to the overwhelming schedule by which we have been constrained. Our excitement has grown, though, and we are anxious to open soon.

We apologize for the expectations we have shared and the resulting desire of folks to schedule their dining events. However, here is our current schedule with no references, whatsoever, to the resulting opening date.

All of the drywall work is finished. Today, Monday the 27th the last carpet is to be installed on the staircase. Today the concrete driveway is to begin. Wednesday the kitchen floor is to be applied. Thursday E & B Paving begins the parking lot. And, Friday Nancy Duckworth returns to install the bathroom’s wallpapers. Tuesday after Labor Day the kitchen equipment is scheduled to arrive.

In the front of the house we are hanging the last of the pictures today and have vacuumed the nap off of the carpet. The sound system and intercom are almost complete and the crank style phone is installed in the lobby.

All of our legal hurdles have been jumped and the wine pairings have been selected to compliment the first menu. Staff are being notified of the team forming. And we are organizing our first team building cookout.

Our opening announcements have been decided and we are anxious to pull that trigger on our big day.

Once we are open look for the blog/diary entries to be regular and a source for all things Neely.