Out with the old, in with the new electrical.

The situation here seems dramatic and tense. Two weeks now we have waited for the old electrical service to be disconnected so that wires could be taken off of the house. This would facilitate the enclosure of the new kitchen and the connection of the new electrical service. The new service is a large three-phase service to handle the needs of the new kitchen equipment.  We were told no, not today maybe as late as Aug. 2nd. Well, twelve phone calls later, even to Pennsylvania and a gentleman on vacation in Daytona Beach Florida, and the trucks are on the way!



We were disconnected and now we are reconnected! And so, the week begins. We accomplished getting all of the tables put together Friday night. The generosity of family and friends was touching. It means so much to us to have their support. Of course they were congenial and said it was because they were hungry and just wanted a place to eat.