Table tops from considerable planning and effort

Today the Mayor and his wife are set to tour The Neely House. I am a supporter of this mayor and his efforts. I started the process of securing the properties required for this project the same day they sealed the deal on the MadJax project. I am very optimistic about the look of this corner of the Kimbrough district because of our joint efforts.


We are meeting this afternoon with another linen supply company. We are very excited to present table tops of considerable planning and effort. We will use a mix of pure white dinner plates that showcase our gourmet offerings mixed with elegant transfer ware that is reminiscent of the Neely’s possible china. Those ordering a steal or chop will be using a Mother-of-pearl handled steak knife. Fresh flowers from Matilda’s flower garden on each table. Our candles are flameless but were engineered by Disney for the Haunted Mansion and look as real as possible.

Rusell Irving