Yesterday saw many changes and progressive events

The Mayor and his wife moved their visit as his knee was giving him some trouble yesterday. Today the temperature is supposed to reach 92 degrees. That is not so bad considering that tomorrow is supposed to be 99 degrees.

Yesterday saw many changes and progressive events; tables were ordered, new windows for the bathrooms were ordered, linens for the tables were selected, candles arrived, the trash dumpster hide was constructed, garden gates installed, roof on kitchen constructed, and the garden urns planted.

Neely House Garden Gate


We were informed yesterday that the first day that we will possibly serve alcohol will be August 7th. This is is a bit disheartening as we are so anxious to be serving guests but I’m sure it will be here before we know it.

The Neely House has been enjoying an increase in visitors also. Yesterday Johnny Brown, probably the best neighbor one could ever ask for, came by with Tony and Deb Kimbler. They were very complimentary and I know Deb K. loves her Victorian interiors. I think she was pleased.

Joshua Burton visited. We offered him some Swiss Chard from the garden. He is such an excellent cook and I am sure he would do it justice.

Rusell Irving