We must take the bitter with the sweet

I am sure Thomas Neely would have begun his diary entry today with a reference to the rain that fell last evening. It was most needed. I do believe it will make today's preparation for sod, around the garden, a little muddy, but we must take the bitter with the sweet.

Yesterday Greg Atkins and Bruce Carter finished the decorative painting in the library dining room. Their talents are so vital to the interior renovation of the Neely House. They have recreated so many beautiful finishes that most craftsmen have forgotten how to do; marbleizing, gold leafing and ‘tricky” paint finishes. They are amazing.

Wall Paint.jpg

Our general manager, Chad Ortman, started yesterday. He has a gentle spirit and seems to study all the upcoming changes with quite a lot of focus. He may also just be thinking ‘what in the world have I gotten myself into?’ Chef Ian and I like him very much and think he is just the man for the job. We will try not to scare him off.

Rusell Irving