The Neely House finally opens!

It has been more than time consuming to say the least. Opening a restaurant on top of an extensive restoration like the Neely House is quite an ordeal. Add that I am legally blind and things get even more stressful. But, finally we are now open! The moment we have been working so hard for and dreaming of is here.

The first few nights have been so rewarding and amazingly smooth. The food from Chefs Ian Waid and Nick Kirkpatrick has been awe inspiring. It has been met with such comments as “The best Crab Cake in the history of the world!” The Gnudi was referred to as “the best bite I have ever had in the Midwest!” One customer, in reference to the Neely House experience in entirety was “perfect!” One customer said “I can’t wait to take my family from New Orleans here, they always have nice restaurants to take us to and now we can bring them here. We can’t wait!”

As it is somewhat embarrassing to make these claims, these were the comments of happy customers. Our goal was and will always be to make the Neely House the best restaurant we can make it. As proud as we are, we realize that there have been mis-steps along the way. Chef Ian Waid continually strives for improvements and changes where possible. Discussions about the next season’s menu are ongoing. This will be the Neely House standard; to constantly do our best for our customers.

We would also like to thank our customers for making our dream come true. Our dream was fulfilled when you arrived, because it was the sound of your conversation, the sound of many oohs and aahs or mmmmm’s, the sound of your laughter and warm conversations that completed tis chapter of the Neely House story. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.